Japan’s double standard

I adore Japan. I made art there for a month in 2010 and gave it all away.

But I take serious issue with the oppressive double standards for women. This article really displays the bizarre, irrational fear around female genitals and sexuality. An artist is arrested for indecency by sharing images of her labia (it’s not a vagina, it’s labial folds. The vagina is inside, not outside.)

I say, YES! Labia pride. Her first attemps to do this are commendable. I wouldn’t make the labia cute by adding trees/buddah’s myself, but respect and encourage her wishes to start by making it “pop” culturally acceptable.


Also in recent news: Japanese men behaving badly and not even having the courage to own their misogyny.

A Tokyo assembly member is harassed mid presentation. This is an example of aggressive, shaming, gaslighting tactics. I say gaslighting because the men shout at her, then afterwards refuse to own it, act like she imagined it, despite all evidence to the contrary. Group gaslighting. NOT ok.



FOLLOW UP: One man apologizes.  http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/23/world/asia/japan-sexism-heckling/
This gives me hope. Thank you sir, that was the appropriate response.


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