Male Sexual Entitlement

What is it and why it ends up hurting everyone

OMG (semi)comic relief:

Related article on labeling men “Creepy”…:



One awesome man’s blog post (I’ve excerpted the top 10, definitely read the whole amazing post here):

So here are 10 simple ways that men can combat sexist entitlement in public:
1.  Don’t Act Like the World is Your Living Room, and Call Out Men Who Do
2. Using Your Voice: Step Up and Step Back
3. Work to End Street Harassment
4.  Refuse to Use Sexist Language, and Call Out Men Who Do
5. Keep Your Clothes On
6.  Be Publicly Trans*-Inclusive
7.  Demonstrate Clear Consent
8.  Strive to Be an Ally to Women in Social Spaces
9.  Talk About Male Entitlement with Other Men
10.  Talk to Boys and Young Men About Male Entitlement in Age-Appropriate Ways
What’s the best way to end male sexist entitlement?
Keep it from spreading to the next generation!” 

Excerpted from Jamie Utt’s fantastic blog post:



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