One facet of sexism is the culturally accepted and culturally reinforced practice of focusing on men, men’s opinions, men’s voices at the expense of women.  I encourage you to start noticing this is your day to day life. The more you notice it, the more you won’t believe how pervasive it is. Women are constantly being told to step aside and stop whining about it.


It is just as important to notice the points of intersection with race and sexism.  My posts are not meant to be white women exclusive, at all. I think that all of these issues effect all women (all cis-women, all transgender women) though in a variety of forms of expression. Everyone has deeply individualized experiences, but there are quite a few overarching commonalities thanks to patriarchy as the constant context of our experiences.

I have posted on other examples of sexism and how it is exacerbated by ongoing racism against and specific barriers encountered by people of color.  It is my intention to always share direct links so their voices remain in tact, rather than my paraphrased interpretation. I hope this is useful and illuminating to you dear readers.

(Note: I see POC used on blogs by women of color lately; please feel free to correct me if I am using language that isn’t current and I somehow have missed being updated.  I am trying to do the best I can and know I can (we all can) always do better.  Thanks for filling me in if I am indeed saying something completely out of left field. )



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