Walk a mile, part II

Woman Exposes Disturbing Reality of Street Harassment — Here’s How She Was Rewarded:


Best comment response to the hoards of male comments on youtube indicating complete obliviousness to the negative, damaging outcomes from catcalling, a sexually aggressive act:

ONLY WOMEN WILL UNDERSTAND THIS VIDEO!!!!!! dont be fooled by the men saying “have a good day” or “hey beautiful” its just another tactic to try and disarm a woman from being on her guard!!!  DONT GET IT TWISTED, they all wanted to fuck her. she was walking, so their catcalling wasnt so bad. but if she was standing still, she would have been harassed more!  one guy was even trying to be aggressive by stating she MUST say thank you when spoken to, that’s a tactic to weasel their way into your space or pass their place, its another way of forcing engagement. look at the one walking beside her for five minutes….now think about it, if she had stopped and given everyone of them a minute of her time, she would have been hounded into some explicit convo…..men dont have to worry about being harassed, so this phenomena will never be understood to them. i saw someone in the comment section saying that she is sensitive and that there are indeed polite strangers out there who say hi…..that is  a different dynamic. a young man saying hello to an elderly woman is still different than when he does it to a young lady. he may do it out of respect to the senior lady, and its more likely his hello to the younger lady is sexual…YOU NEVER SEE A STRANGER WALKING DOWN ANOTHER MAN TO HAVE A CONVERSATION…. you never see men calling out to men telling them that theyre beautiful and have a nice day, all those men you saw in the video were clearly sexually driven to say hi to her. and its not just the sensitivity part, that shit takes an emotional toll!!!! you have to be conscious of men, every fucking turn you take, you cant just mind your business and be in your own zone and walk on by….that video was nothing, its worse out there and you bitches know it, but just because the comment section is open, you get to throw you weight around with stupid comments…so, have at it.

Walk a mile in another woman’s shoes

“Bliss says he wanted to create this “because I think a lot of men don’t understand the collective weight that this harassment causes. They see it as just an innocent ‘compliment’ but are missing the forest for the trees.”

A much appreciated PSA for the city that never sleeps / stops catcalling.