When was the last time you congratulated yourself for not being sexist? or racist?

I want to acknowledge and share the voice of this author who speaks about her experience as a person of color living in Portland, OR — purportedly a liberal bastion, but clearly that is only a white experience.
“The liberal white residents casually refer to the racist South and “flyover country”, while they are truly no better than anywhere else in the country. They’ve bought the lie about Portland being a utopia, and it keeps them from realizing they’re exactly the same as the people they revile.”

Read it, share it, reflect on it. I aspire to having the courage to defend others in public; being a woman with zero karate skills, I do not always feel safe to do so. But this makes me angry. And anger is often a productive and courageous emotion. I hope it might spark something courageous and caring in you as well.



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