This blog was started for a friend who wanted to know more about what sexism is and how to know what to call actions that make me, her, and other women uncomfortable.

Sexism is so ingrained in cultural behavior that we often let it slide without realizing it.

This blog exists to help educate friends and strangers on learning to acknowledge and call out micro-aggressions, harassment, gaslighting, patronizing remarks, mansplaining, verbal abusebullying, and physical abuse for what it is.

My aim is to repost articles on women’s issues and gender inequities, to provide educational resources relating to issues that impact women specifically, and to give props to individuals who stand up for a more equitable, just world.

To anyone who might be confused, and excited to shout #notallmen are bad, I reply: DUH. and SO WHAT. Why? Because all women are effected by conscious and unconscious sexism on a daily basis, forced to live their lives in smaller, circumscribed ways in order to maintain men’s happiness (pissing off men threatens your security). Until these inequities cease to effect all women, then #yesallmentoo. You get to hang out in the unbelievable discomfort along side us. Welcome to the club compadres. It sucks. Let’s change it.

It is my personal belief that by working towards conceiving of women as equals in every way and seeing gender as a more fluid experience we will fundamentally shift the ways we define and value masculinity and femininity, and society will shift as well. Valuing the feminine as highly as the masculine will ultimately prevent men from being boxed in by gender as much as women, transgender, intersex individuals, etc. I am working on my own beliefs about others that have been culturally hammered in, and I invite you to join me in being self reflective, non-judgemental, and kind – to yourself and others. We’re all doing the best we can with the info we’ve got.

At its core, this blog critiques the patriarchal model as narrow and disenfranchising of, at minimum, about 50% of the human race. And posits that by standing up for ourselves in day-to-day situations, with respect, by owning our experiences and feelings, without shame, we participate in modeling constructive communication and potentially can effect positive change for people worldwide.

I am white, so my post choices will reflect my particular background and interests. However I am most certainly not interested in this becoming a middle-class white woman conversation.  I am very interested in including as many voices as possible from as many backgrounds as possible.

Equitable situations will emerge when a diverse chorus of voices are represented and heard. I would like to contribute to this impending equitable future.

Anyone is welcome to reach out, share your story, your voice, or share articles and resources you think others could benefit from. Please let me know via the form below.

I am choosing to moderate comments given the lack of safe space on the internet for women. Trolling is not permitted here. Owning your opinions as your own is encouraged for all commenters, myself included.

Peace and Happy Game-changing. We got this.





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